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Review: The World's End
Review: Pacific Rim
Guillermo del Toro cancels the summer movie apocalypse by rediscovering that long-lost Hollywood artefact historians call "fun".
Rewind: The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser
The BFI round off their Herzog season with this melancholic ditty, which proves to be as perfect an antidote and antithesis to Aguirre, the Wrath of God as it's possible to get.

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The Pixar Problem
With three duds in a row, it's time to look at how Pixar is damaging its reputation by releasing sequel after sequel.
Sunrise, Sunset... The greatest love story ever told?
With the third installment, Before Midnight, now in cinemas, it’s time to reflect on why Richard Linklater’s romantic trilogy is a living, breathing organism that deserves your attention.
Die Hard 6 has been announced and... guess what it's called?
Die Hardest is coming and you should be very, very afraid.

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Girls on Film: New Hollywood's Reaction to Second-Wave Feminism
In the sixties, feminists called for a change in Hollywood's representation of women. Did the liberal, politically-minded filmmakers of the New Hollywood movement answer the call?
The Overwhelming Indifference of Nature: Anthropomorphism in Grizzly Man
Using Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man as a key text, I try to untangle the problems with anthropomorphic attitudes in nature documentaries.
Learning to Loathe the Bomb – Shifting Attitudes Toward Atomic Technology in Early Cold War-era American Film
A look into the unique imagery of the nuclear bomb, how the US government attempted to control that imagery during the Cold War and create an ideology, and how filmmakers rallied against that ideology with satirical films like Dr. Strangelove.